Asthma Treatment

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a very common medical problem. Asthma is a condition that can make it hard to breathe by narrowing your airways and making them inflamed.  This can trigger cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. Asthma symptoms can be mild or severe so it is important to make sure it is well managed by your doctor.  Asthma symptoms can come and go.

For some people, asthma is a minor issue but for others, it can be a major problem that interferes with daily activities and may lead to a life-threatening asthma attack.  It is important to see your doctor to make sure your symptoms are appropriately managed. Since asthma often changes over time, it’s important that you work with your doctor to ensure your symptoms are controlled and not progressing.

Is there Testing for Asthma?

Yes. Your doctor will ask you about your symptoms and may have you do diagnostic  breathing tests to see how your lungs are working.  Our doctors will work with you to find the best plan for treatment and prevention of symptoms. 

How is Asthma Treated?

Our doctors treat asthma with different medicines and inhalers.  Our award winning doctors will prescribe medicine based on how often you have symptoms and how serious your symptoms are. Asthma medicines work in different ways.  Some work quickly and some are long term to help control symptoms.

  • Quick-relief- These type of medications, usually inhalers, attempt to abort symptoms in a matter of minutes. Most patients with asthma have a quick-relief inhaler that they carry with them. People use these medicines whenever they have asthma symptoms. Most people need these medicines 1 or 2 times a week – or less often. But when asthma symptoms get worse, more doses might be needed. Some people can feel shaky after taking these medicines. Some people also need a machine called a “nebulizer” to breathe in their medicine.
  • Long-term – These medications are used to control asthma and prevent future symptoms. The more frequent your symptoms, the more likely you may need a long term maintenance medication.

It is very important that you take all the medicines the doctor prescribes, exactly how you are supposed to take them. You might have to take medicines a few times a day. You might not feel a medicine working, but that does not mean it is not helping you.

What are the symptoms of Asthma?
Asthma symptoms can include:

. Coughing
. A tight feeling in the chest
. Shortness of breath
. Wheezing or noisy breathing

Symptoms vary in frequency and can be daily, weekly or less often. Symptoms can be mild or severe and life threatening. Although it is rare, an episode of asthma can sometimes even lead to death.

Not taking your medicines correctly can cause symptoms to get worse. If your symptoms get much worse all of a sudden, you might even need to go to the hospital for treatment.  It is critical that you see a well qualified, board certified physician to assess and manage any and all of your symptoms.

The information on this website is to provide general guidance. In no way does any of the information provided reflect definitive medical advice and self diagnoses should not be made based on information obtained online. It is important to consult a best in primary care physician in Midtown or Upper East Side regarding ANY and ALL symptoms or signs as it may a sign of a serious illness or condition. A thorough consultation and examination should ALWAYS be performed for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Be sure to call a physician today and schedule a consultation with a top internal medicine doctor.