Diabetes Treatment


The prevalence of diabetes among adults in the US is approximately 8.4%. 

Diabetes is a serious condition and its complications lead to significant death and disease in the population.  Importantly, many with Diabetes do not even know they have it and therefore are not receiving proper treatment. In patients with Type 2 Diabetes, the body does not utilize insulin efficiently with leads to high sugar levels or does not make adequate quantities of insulin.  As a result, patients with diabetes have high levels of blood glucose which lead to complications in the long term.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes in Midtown NYC and New York’s Upper East Side

Our primary care doctors will do blood work to test for diabetes to determine your status and formulate a treatment plan as necessary.  The goal of treatment is to keep blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible to avoid complications. Oral medications or injections may be necessary.  Our doctors will also counsel you on lifestyle changes that are critical in managing diabetes and lead to the best outcomes possible.

What are the symptoms of Diabetes?

Symptoms of diabetes can include fatigue, increased thirst, urination and hunger, blurred vision, weight loss, numbness and tingling in hands and feet as well as other symptoms.

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The information on this website is to provide general guidance. In no way does any of the information provided reflect definitive medical advice and self diagnoses should not be made based on information obtained online. It is important to consult a best in primary care physician in Midtown or Upper East Side regarding ANY and ALL symptoms or signs as it may a sign of a serious illness or condition. A thorough consultation and examination should ALWAYS be performed for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Be sure to call a physician today and schedule a consultation with a top internal medicine doctor.