Sinus Infection Condition & Treatment

What is Sinusitis?

The sinuses are hollow cavities in the bones of the face that contain a thin lining that normally makes mucous. When this lining get irritated or infection, it can swell and make extra mucous that can lead to symptoms and a condition call Sinusitis. Our primary care, internist doctors can evaluate these symptoms and prescribe the correct treatment plan.

Concerning symptoms include high fevers, sudden and severe pain in the face and head, difficult seeing or seeing double, trouble thinking, redness/swelling around eyes and a stiff neck. You should see the doctor right away if you have any of these conditions.


Depending on your specific symptoms and duration, you may need antibiotics.  It is important to have a comprehensive evaluation with one of our board certified internists or primary care doctors for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan.  We look forward to meeting you.

Sinusitis symptoms and a conditions
Patients may experience pain in the face, a stuffy nose or discharge from the nose as well as pain in the teeth. Other symptoms may include fever, difficulty with smell, ear pressure, headaches and other symptoms.

In the majority of cases, sinusitis is usually viral and does not need to be treated with antibiotics.

The information on this website is to provide general guidance. In no way does any of the information provided reflect definitive medical advice and self diagnoses should not be made based on information obtained online. It is important to consult a best in primary care physician in Midtown or Upper East Side regarding ANY and ALL symptoms or signs as it may a sign of a serious illness or condition. A thorough consultation and examination should ALWAYS be performed for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Be sure to call a physician today and schedule a consultation with a top internal medicine doctor.